Skomer Island small group workshop (max 6) £100

Thursday 4th July and Thursday 18th July

We are only running two in 2019 and being

extremely popular, will fill up fast.

Please note - Includes landing fee and boat transfer (but excludes car parking)

I f you love Puffins, you’ll love this. A small groups workshop will set sail for the magical island of Skomer where the air is filled with feathery magic as soon as you reach the bay. The numbers are weighted to guarantee all attendees are attended too. The Puffin is adorable and sometimes wanders so close that you can’t even focus. The aim of most is to catch one flying and hopefully with a beak full of Sandeels (always feel sorry for the Sandeel). Even though the emphasis is of course on the Puffin, there is far more to Skomer. There is an abundance of other birds and most allow you to get much closer than normal as they do not fear man as much as on the mainland. Razorbill and guillemot are the other Auks seen, Short Eared Owls are often flying mid day, Oystercatcher, Raven, Fulmar, Gulls a plenty and a myriad of other birds. There are few mammals hence the safety of the birds but there are many Rabbits. The landscape is not to be missed and often has a wonderful carpet of bluebells, thrift or wild flowers depending on the the time of year. The cost includes 5 hours on the island, the landing fee and boat fee however it does not include for the car park fee (which last year was £5 for all day). *Please note* There is quite a steep set of steps on landing and can be quite taxing even for the fittest. There is little food and water on the island so please take some fluids, snacks and lunch with you. There is also very little shelter on the island so depending on the weather please bring a coat, a hat, sun cream and please be aware that even on a nice day a breeze can render you cold and the West Wales fog can quickly form. In terms of equipment please contact us for specifics tailored to you however a zoom in the 300/400mm region is perfect for bird in flight shots, a larger zoom can be handy for isolation portraits and then think if you want to shoot anything else such as landscapes, macro etc and pop a lens to suit in your bag. Please be aware that the first timer can be quite overwhelmed with the amount happening on Skomer and you can easily fill the 5 hours up with just shooting Puffins. *Big big Note* The Dale Princess is not always able to run due to weather conditions and this can change rapidly. We will inform you as soon as possible on the running of the boat and we will offer a re-booking or money back if it does not sail. We can not be responsible if we are unable to run the workshop under these circumstances, thanks for understanding.
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