*Stop Press!

We are back at the Norwegian Church at the

end of September!

Natureship exhibition @ the Dahl Gallery,

Norwegian Church, Cardiff

A multitude (that’s at least 2!) of you have

asked us to make available the 2018 exhibition

catalogue so that those missing out abroad and

indeed in England who didn’t have a passport

are able to get their sweaty mitts on a Grrraint

or a Rrrrrob.

Geraint and Rob had their first joint Exhibition to show off their images and talk about all the going’s on at Natureship. There were 40 frames and canvases on show and were available to buy. Both of us (that’s me and him if you didn’t know) had an absolute blast and thoroughly enjoyed chatting about nature, photography and conservation to all and sundry. Sometimes we even talked about what we actually do and want to do but hey it’s all good! All the images are available printed on high grade photo paper, aluminium or mountboard. Some are available on canvas. Please note that a delivery charge is not included, contact us to arrange. So please click the link below to download the catalogue in .pdf form
© Geraint Radford and Rob Cottle - Copying, displaying or redistribution of these images without written permission is prohibited