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Puffin portrait possibilities

Puffin portraits always look colourful and fun but the secret is to choose your puffin wisely and where it is positioned. Check out this blog on the whys and indeed the wherefores of Puffin portraiture.

Your local patch is the most

important wildlife area

There may be so many places to go to photograph wildlife all over the world but in my eyes your local area is ‘the’ place to be.

Telling stories with macro

There’s a whole new world to explore if you just look a little closer. It’s a very accessible branch of nature photography and one that can be practised whatever your finances, mobility and more importantly the weather! You don’t even need to go outside, so no excuses! Welcome to the world of macro

Vegan banana bread - What

the Dicken’s

If it goes in a camera bag it’s fair game at

Natureship HQ! You need to be fuelled

when you are out and about and a little

bit of comforting food doesn’t go amiss

when you have been rained on or your

fingers have forgotten to tell the brain

that they still exist on a cold day. You’ll

thank me later, mark my words.

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Puffins, sometimes the word brings me

out into a cold sweat and that word is a

great expletive if anyone has tried to

capture these wonderful birds in flight.

Here are a few hints and tips that I hope

will help you capture these flying feathery